The Kill Switch – The World of Zia (Ep. 12)

“Sandy, come here.. Look at this” Ram and Sandhya had come for a road trip to the Vagamon hills. They got a place near the cliffs which could highlight the beauty of the land where they come from. The Vagamon only stood at a height of around 1200 meters from the sea level. But the... Continue Reading →

JAT: Jack of All Trades – The World of Zia (Ep. 11)

Recap: Driving Your Instincts – The World of Zia (Ep.5) Michael John Neduveeran, the business cum political leader, represents now the entire state of Kerala in terms of the faces in politics as well as businesses. He, single-handedly controls the entire business chains running through the state, and with him on the assembly, the power he... Continue Reading →

Igniting the Flames – The World of Zia (Ep.10)

Recap: Evil Retrospectives – The World of Zia (Ep.6) Maara sat in front of the dead professor. All of his life started to process in his head which finally came to this final moment. He didn’t know whether he was right this time but his thoughts told him this was the choice he would never regret.... Continue Reading →

Hiding in the Shadow of the Past – The World of Zia (Ep.9)

Sandhya watched the trees passing her through the train window. It was her first train journey in the last five years. She doesn’t understand the way life treated her till now. She remembered why she went to Mumbai five years back and never returned to Kerala after that. She just erased herself from reality and... Continue Reading →

For the Greater Good – The World of Zia (Ep.8)

Twelve Years Ago! Emily looked around. She was proud of what she became after everything she’d been through. Life had been hard and she’d pulled through enough of the hurdles. The Emily’s Congregate Care Centre was built on purpose. She wanted to give tribute to her lost son and daughter. More than that, Emily wanted... Continue Reading →

Finding the Grip of her Life – The Story of Zia (Ep.7)

Recap: At the beginning of Time – Zia (Ep:2) “Ammu, take it back!” Zia and Amala were sitting on the balcony both having comic books in their hands. Amala was an avid reader, especially modern comics. She was trying to make Zia a little more homely by bringing up subjects relating to superpowers. But Zia was... Continue Reading →

Evil Retrospectives – The World of Zia (Ep.6)

Maara reached out to his newly brought mobile phone from his pocket. The network was slowly sliding away indicating he was reaching his destination. It had been more than six years since he last left here. That too was not in a very good manner. But now, he was traveling to the place which took... Continue Reading →

Driving Your Instincts – The World of Zia (Ep.5)

Sreedhar parked his bike on the side of the road and removed his helmet and gloves to free himself. He breathed a sigh of relief. He had been riding for almost three hours now and awaited him was another two more. He looked at the long, and huge Mannuthy over-bridge which was his usual resting... Continue Reading →

The Cosmic Interference – The World of Zia (Ep.4)

Also Read: The Butterfly Effect – The World of Zia “The Shield is set for the test!” “Okay! Let us have one more round!!” The Time Voyagers, as they called themselves because of the huge time journeys they conducted across the universe, were experimenting with one of the most sophisticated weapons they ever created -... Continue Reading →

The Butterfly Effect – The World of Zia (Ep.3)

Also Read: The Path Life Takes You! "Incoming!!" Captain Baratoz swayed his hand before picking up his weapon. The hosts have cleared the walls which they thought would have created a much more defense. The only chance the clayers have was a small period to escape. The hosts, as they have seen beforehand, were not... Continue Reading →

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